The Mandaic Book of John Project

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2 Responses to The Mandaic Book of John Project

  1. Teo says:

    Banner title is wrong, dra$ia Diahia, it should be dra$a Diahia.
    cf. the mandaic title in the “Das Johannesbuch der Mandaeer”.

    • Charles says:

      Thanks for your comment, Teo!

      I have to object, though, to your characterization of the title as “wrong,” on the grounds that Lidzbarski’s JB actually begins with the words “Das mandäische Werk, das hier der Öffentlichkeit übergeben wird, ist in den einleitenden Worten und den Nachschriften der Abschreiber דראשיא דֿמאלכיא genannt.” He then goes on to say that דראשא דֿיאהיא and סידרא דֿיאהיא are also attested, and that Nicholas Siouffi cites the title of the book as Dravchod-Yahio. To complicate matters, most Mandaeans I’ve consulted actually pronounce the title of this book as Draši d-Ihye (i.e. דראשיא דֿיאהיא) or, less frequently, Draš ad-Yahya (i.e. דראשא דֿיאהיא).

      Clearly the question of the “proper” title of the work is a complicated one. In the absence of any scholarly consensus, though, it doesn’t really make any sense to reject any one option. We describe the work in English as the “Mandaic Book of John” simply because that is the title by which it has come to be known in that language, in large part due to Lidzbarski’s choice of Das Johannesbuch der Mandäer for the title of his edition. We can appeal to a consensus on that issue, at least!

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