55 – Hibil’s Lament

In the name of the Great Life, may the distant light be joyfully exalted!

“How can I rejoice? It pains me to rejoice within the abode of the evil!

How can my heart rejoice at the things I have done within this world?

How long will I be gone, and how long will I sink into all the worlds?

How will I bring light to the Uthras, and how shall I raise treasure to the house of the mighty?

How can I rejoice while my soul is yearning for my father?

How can I rejoice at the things I have done for the poor and the youth?

How can I calm my heart, and how can I settle my conscience?

How long am I to bring strength to the uthras and word to the Mighty in the world?

How long am I to hold down the demons, and how long am I to slay the rebellious?

Who among you will save me from Abatur on high?

How long am I to bear the things being done to me personally?

How long am I to reject Habšaba, to drive him away, and to reject this world?

How long am I to bring the strength and truth that is lacking to the Customs House?

How long am I to break in stallions, and how long are we to bring them to the yoke?

How long am I to plow and gather seed in this world?

How long am I to reap and sow, and how long am I to divide the mortals?

How long am I to triumph over evil, and cast fools into cauldrons to boil?

How long will the scales remain light, and how long will Abatur give judgment in this world?

How long am I to beat Šamiš and condemn him in this world?

How long am I to enjoin righteousness upon the chosen who are living in this world?

How long am I to attack the places of detention and Sin within them?

How long am I to place the world from month to month in the seething cauldron?

How long will the land accept seed and yield fruit in the world?

How long will ships sink and rise to the place of light?

How long am I to measure flowing water and pour it into stagnant water?

How long must the uthras dwell in pollution and endure wickedness?

How long will it grow dark, and how long will the sun rise, and how long am I to give pearls to the mortals?

How long am I to hang on my net, and raise up the poor and the persecuted?

How long am I to beat the mountains and clothe the mortals in darkness?

How long am I to place chains and ropes on the adulterers and thieves of the world?

How am I to strike, kill, and triumph over the evil ones and the liars who are living in the world?

How long am I to make trouble for them, and how long will they kill each other?

When will the quarrel be resolved and when will my heart be healed?

When will the Earth become useless, so that I may conceal my fishing net from the world?”

When Hibil Ziua said this, Manda d-Hiia spoke to him, saying:

“How greatly you stumble, Hibil Ziua, and how greatly are you persecuted in this world by all the things that the wicked have done to you personally! What is there?”

When Hibil Ziua heard this, he sprang up from his seat, stood, and opened his mouth in sincerity, saying to Manda d-Hiia:

“Upon whose shoulders should the Earth I have called into existence fall?

To whom among the Uthras shall I give the things that I have called into existence and set in order?

When I created Adam and Haua his wife, it was formed, and its death was already ordained, and I was their persecutor.

I set up the houses of detention, forged the chains of the Jews, and appointed the tax collectors to do all that they were commanded to do.

I have levelled a road from darkness to the everlasting abode.

I have offered up witnesses in Abatur’s garrison.

I brought Abatur and made him judge of the world.

I assigned him the balances and gave him authority over the affairs of the world.

I called the river Kšaša into being and appointed him to it.

I called the two witnesses, Adatan and Iadatan, into being and appointed them scribes with Abatur.

I called into being the white fruit in which souls are enveloped.

They blossom out of it and sit upon the scales.

I called into being streams of water, the Jordan in which souls are baptized.

I called into being the path on which the souls rise on all flowing streams.

I made a ship for the good, a ferry of souls carrying them over to the house of Abatur, who gives them strength and truth for all eternity.

I brought him to Habšaba and I set him over all tax collectors, and said to him:

Whoever carries a letter will pass by, but whoever does not carry a letter will be hidden from you.

All evildoers and liars will be held for questioning until a letter bearing information from Earth rises to the Life.

When the letter bearing information rises to the Life, a letter will come to you from the Life.

When the letter arrives to the house of Abatur, they will ascend.

I have established affairs and created life and death in the world.

As for the adulterers and thieves, those whose souls are worthy will rise to the light, and those whose souls are unworthy will descend to the darkness, because the seductress Ruha has come to seduce the whole world.

When I saw the clear warning, I gave warning about her. I made a boundary and raised it up.

I tell the Nazoreans, sincere and faithful men, that they should stand upon the boundary.

They stand upon the boundary, and they will rise to see the place of light.

Whoever deviates from the boundary will stand upon a marker.

Whoever deviates from both of them will fall, and there is no way back up for him.

He will fall, there is no way back up for him, and the mountain (which is the mountain of darkness) will engulf him.

He will request a second death, and his eye will never see the light.

His eye will never see the light, and his foot will never find firm ground.

You are victorious, Manda d-Hiia, and you have given victory to all who love your name!”

And Life is victorious.

About C.G. Häberl

Dr. Häberl is an Associate Professor at the Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL). He was born and raised in the State of New Jersey, and received his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. In addition to teaching Arabic and Aramaic language courses at AMESALL, he teaches content courses on the modern Middle East at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), of which he was the Director from 2009-2012.
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