03 – Iušamin

In the name of the Great Life,
May the sublime light be exalted!

Splendor has come to me in plenty, and that which abounds in the worlds is light.

The plot is the first that the uthras undertake to relate to me.
The man who cast me down from this place of mine to the Earth […]

You will destroy them (C us).
Do not destroy the building of the uthras, and do not drive the clouds from their places.
Do not tear up the great foundation, because it is to your right.
Do not toss those who disturb into the Jordan, whose strength none has attained.
Do not destroy the abode that I built.

The day on which your sons start a fight with you, [Etinṣib] they came in glorious splendor.
They wander about the celestial dwellings, they wander seeking but not finding their father.
The brothers will rally together, the wicked ones will apprise one another of the situation, and say,
“Our father has left the land of Æther; how shall we start a fight with him?”

Their elder brother Sam came, and apprising himself of the situation, said,
“If I start a great fight, they will say that the eldest was ill-raised.
You, however, go start a great fight, since you are still unweaned uthras.
If you do it, you will succeed.
They will say, ‘They are only unweaned uthras,’ and not take your mistakes on high.
Come, start a great fight, and destroy the works of the Creator!
Arise, forge a great weapon, and wage a war for which there is no end!
Gird a sword, bring wrath, take the deadly arrows that do not fail!
Descend to the land of æther, to the celestial dwellings of your father.
This one has destroyed his land, and there is no throne for him to occupy.”

The son of Iušamin spoke to Great Nbaṭ,

[The King of the Æther has come; let us take swords unsheathed against Nbaṭ, King of the Æther!]

Saying, “Who bound Iušamin before you, to end the fight with him?”
The King of the Æther spoke to Radiant Etinṣib, saying,
“The king commanded, and the king bound Iušamin.
Who ends a fight with the kings?”

Radiant Etinṣib opened his mouth and raged.
He summoned Great Nbaṭ, and said to Great Nbaṭ,
“You are not fit, and neither is the brood from which you came.
Your father is not a powerful uthra.”

Great Nbaṭ spoke to Radiant Etinṣib, saying,
“Damn you, and damn the brood of your father, who was an agitator!
You, who would end a fight with a king, are not fit for the House of the Great Life!”

Radiant Etinṣib drew a sword and upon Great Nbaṭ, King of the Æther, he fell.
Radiant Etinṣib struck him once, but his sword did not cut through his radiance.
Radiant Etinṣib struck him twice,but his sword did not cut through his radiance.
Radiant Etinṣib struck him three times, but his sword did not cut through his radiance.

Great Nbaṭ spoke to Radiant Etinṣib, saying,
“You son of a disgraceful father, the likes of me are not afraid of you!”

When Great Nbaṭ said this, the twenty-one sons of Iušamin drew their swords.
The eldest had put on the weapon, and the youngest was battle-clad.
Shouting a challenge to the Life, they set weapons upon one another.

The sound of their weapons and the sound of their gear: their sounds reached the Great King of Light, and he said,
“How did Iušamin cut through and ruin the prison?
Who has started a fight with the uthras and hidden himself?”

Gubran Uthra saw and said to the King of Light,
“They are the twenty-one sons of Iušamin, starting the great fight that will not be resolved.”

Then the King of Light said to Gubran,
“Arm yourself and mount Parahieil the Great Scorpion!
Take and set out for the land of Æther.
See whether they are the sons of Iušamin.”

Then Gubran took a great weapon, mounted the scorpion Parahieil, and went to the land of Æther.

Then Gubran opened his mouth and said to Radiant Etinṣib,
“Son of Iušamin, do not start a war with the House of the Mighty, and go seek forgiveness for your father.
If he accepts your request, how beautiful it is!
If he does not accept your request, become a servant before the King!
Radiant Etinṣib, your father spoke to your eldest brother and was not heard.
See how sublime is the kanzala he has given me!
Now, you will destroy the Earth with the word of the King, if you start a conflict with the people of light and frighten them.”

Then Radiant Etinṣib let loose an arrow.
Gubran caught it in his right hand.
Radiant Etinṣib let loose two arrows.
Gubran caught it in his right hand.
Radiant Etinṣib let loose three arrows.
Gubran caught it in his right hand.

The fourth arrow came to rest in the Parahieil’s paw.
He shouted out loud, and his shout reached the King of Light.
Then the King of Light opened his mouth, with endless light and radiance.
He cast his voice to the 444,000 uthras that stand beyond, calling them and saying,
“Arm yourselves, take hold of your gear, and mount your steeds!
Take hold of the sword and destructive arrows with strength!
Take hold of the sword in wrath, and mount your steeds!”

The King of Light summons them and orders them with a radiance and light which will never wane, saying to them,
“When you arrive at the land of Æther, fetch the head of Radiant Etinṣib, which is in the bosom of his mother, Bihrat Anana.
Stage the attack in their midst, so that they say, ‘These uthras are on a mission!'”

Then 440,000 uthras descended upon the land of Æther.
From the summit of the land of Æther, Kimṣa [ḏ]Mana, they reached the celestial dwelling of Iušamin.
The uthras with a lofty weapon fall upon the land of Æther, like a sword borne in wrath or deadly arrows with force.

Then Radiant Iauar slew twelve of Iušamin’s sons with the sword.
Wise Bihram took with them nine sons of Iušamin by the sword.
His brother Iukabar, the worthy son of Iušamin, shouted out loud.
For his father Iušamin he shouted, and his shout went forth.
It reached his father Iušamin, and Iušamin said,
“Who has killed my son, and who has held my beloved behind?”

With the shout that Iušamin shouted, he lifted the bonds from his hands and feet.
Broken were the bonds and the chains that the King of Light had commanded upon him.

He took to the great conflict, and remembered the great rage that was in his heart.
From the Gate of Supat until the land of Æther, he destroyed all the celestial dwellings that he reached.
When he reached the land of Æther, he shouted to Anana.

The uthras fell upon their faces, and did not take to the heights from their steeds.
Their swords fell from their hands, and they did not hold tight to their steel arrows.
Their swords were broken, and their bowstrings were broken.
They threw themselves down and fell upon their faces.

Iušamin dismounted his steed, grabbed 24,000 uthras, and threw down those who were still standing upon their feet. Then 360 lands came before the Great King, saying,
“The head of Gubran, who is at the right hand of the King of Light, has been cut off!”

The lands quake and the mountains knock together!

The King rose from his throne, and called forth the Call of Life to Iušamin.
He lifted from him the radiance, the great strength, the fight, and the fury that were in his mind.
[He ordered] that the heads of the sons who were with Anana, mother of Radiant Etinṣib, be torn away from them.
He dispatched 904 chains of zaina, which is heavier than iron, and they set him against the gate of Supat, until the Ogdoos of Darkness [Iušamin] is summoned forth.
He will wait in the great stocks for 750 years, until the Great [Life] wills it.

And Life is victorious!

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Dr. Häberl is an Associate Professor at the Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL). He was born and raised in the State of New Jersey, and received his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. In addition to teaching Arabic and Aramaic language courses at AMESALL, he teaches content courses on the modern Middle East at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), of which he was the Director from 2009-2012.
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