25 – Sleeping in the Day of Judgment

John teaches in the night, John in the evenings of the nights,
John teaches in the night and says:
Oh freemen who are lying down,
and oh freewomen who are not wakened,
Oh freemen who sleep during the day of judgment,
What will you do when the body is taken off the soul?
In the day of judgment,
What will you do?
Oh muddle-headed, confused, corrupting world!
Your strong men die
and your book of falsity is restrained.
Whence Adam the first man
here became the head of the epoch/generation
Whence is Eve his wife
from whom the world was wakened to life.
Whence is Seth (Shitil) son of Adam
from whom are worlds and generations
Whence are Ram and Rud, from the epoch of the sword
Whence are Shurbai and Sharhab’il from the epoch of fire
Whence is Shem the son of Noah and Nuraita his wife,
from the epoch of the floods of water
All of these fell and did not return.
Guardians/watchmen were established in the earth
Resembling the good day of the worlds and epochs
The planets gaze upon fattened cows as they stand in the day of slaughter:
The sons of the Earth (Tibil), fattened rams as they stand in the markets and are sold.
Mercy (be) upon those who worship Life.
May their sins and their trespasses be forgiven them.
Life is victorious

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Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature, Butler University.
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