20 – John Discusses Halos with the Sun

John teaches in the nights, John in the evenings of the night
John teaches in the nights and says,
“In the name of the transcendent and strange one:
The Sun sat in an isolating halo,
And the moon was in eclipse
The four winds of the house grasp one another’s arms and do not blow
The sun takes his sacred bread to his mouth, and says to John,
“In Jerusalem you have three halos,
a priestly crown suitable to all the world.
You have from the evening wreath a boat of glory,
which travels here in the Jordan.
You have a great separation,
which travels here between the waters.
When you went to the great house,
before the Great (Life), he remembered us.

John opened his mouth and spoke to the Sun,
“In Jerusalem you ask haloes for yourself,
and guards were provided for your crown.
This evening-wreath boat of glorious splendor.
They bind a division that flows between waters.
The seal of a king was placed upon her,
so that she fornicates in your name,
and goes to the house of infamy.
She approaches,
she seeks sons from her own spouse and does not find them,
and she comes out unworthy of the house of life.
When they fulfilled their vows and departed,
They were not worthy of the house of life,
and were not raised to the shining abode.

Life be praised!

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