29 – John Teaches on the Importance of Charity

In the name of the Great Life, sublime light be exalted.

Yahia teaches in the night,
Iuhana in the evening of the night
Yahia teaches in the night and says,
“I shine in the name of my father
I shine and illuminate in praise of the man who created me.
He is delivered from Earth
From the abode of vanity
From a winking eye
From lips which speak deceit.

Our Lord, see us and deliver us and rescue us
From foul ceremonies which are not pleasing!
Beware, my brother!
Beware, my friend!
Beware, my brother,
Of foul rites which are and not pleasing!
Beware, my disciples!
Be meek and humble.
Love Sunday, and honor the dawn of the day.
Give alms, more precious than wife or children.

Payments of alms are asked for on the road,
As the hand gives to the mouth.
Payments of alms are asked for on the road,
As a blind person seeks someone to lead him,
Because there are no payments of alms,
A rope bridge is not stretched across the floods.
Because there are no payments of alms,
none carries him across the sea.
His eye will not behold Abatur.

Woe to the evil and deceitful ones
who forgot alms and did not give them!
They forgot and did not give alms,
And they forgot the man who redeems my chosen ones.

Love alms and love Sunday,
that a rope bridge may be cast across the sea
– that a rope bridge across the sea may be cast!
A thousand thousand are standing on the bank –
On the bank a thousand thousand standing!
From a thousand he carries across one –
One he carries across from a thousand!
From three thousand he carries three worthy and deserving souls
across to the place of light.”

Praise your name, my Lord of Light –
For those who love his name are not condemned.

About James F. McGrath

Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature, Butler University.
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