54 – Abel-Radiance Goes to Jerusalem

In the name of the first great Life,
Transcendent Light be exalted!

I did not and do not want to go up to the town of Jerusalem,
A town that is a town of evil, and a city full of sinners,
A town of sinners, and a city built by Adunai –
a city which Adunai built!
Evil entered and filled it
– Evil entered and filled it!
And persecution came upon my disciples
Since they do not go astray
And are not pleasing to the town of Jerusalem.

As I arrived in Jerusalem, the city of Adunai
He opened his mouth,
And from the sky Adunai answered.
He answered from the sky and said to me,
“Where are you going, foreign man?
Not by your will was the city built –
The city was not built by your will!
Would you now take control within it?”

I spoke to Adunai of my mighty deeds which I accomplished within it.
“I have Jacob and Benjamin, my brothers, both sons of gold;
(And) Miriai the righteous
Whom I deem equal to generations and worlds.”

When he heard, Adunai called Spirit and said to her
“Who from the offspring of Life came here?
They are taking over from us!
Come, write a book of iniquity and falsehood
To captivate generations and worlds.”
And then Spirit spoke a word,
And Mercury and the Seven wrote the Torah and compiled it,
These wrote the book of Torah and compiled it
And placed it in the hand of the Sun, Adunai.
Adunai through his mighty works
called Moses the son of Amram onto Mount Sinai.
They made him stay for forty days,
Abstaining from food and drink –
From food and drink he abstained!
And the book of iniquity was given to him
To captivate generations and worlds.

My chosen ones, you have heard concerning the Jews
How their book came to be.
Not from light did it come!
If their book came from light,
All of them would be of one accord.

I tell my elect ones about the Arabs
that their book was taken from the Torah –
From the Torah, their book was taken!
And within the Torah is not revelation.
They practice circumcision like in Judaism
and in Judaism they are accursed,
For they know not that Ruha confused these Jews
and sowed dissention among them.
Each one blames his friend,
And they do not know whom they worship.

My elect ones, from the day Jerusalem was built,
Until the Demon-Destroyer came,
I did not manage to dwell among them in the world.
My clothing in which I dwelt among them in the world was not bodily.
I went and rose up to the sublime place of truth.
I sat down and I said,
“It is well, even death is well,
for the one who takes care of his soul –
the one who takes care of his soul!
There is none like him in the world!”
I said, “How troubled I am,
about the disciples who live in that era!
They despise the pearls,
and within it they create error and imperfection.
How troubled I am,
about the disciples who live in that era!
Spirit unleashes and lets loose
uncleanness and menstruation upon them,
And hurls them down to portals of darkness.
How troubled I am, about the disciples
who are held captive in Spirit’s captivity.
Spirit unleashes and lets loose
waves of adultery and prostitution and fornication upon them
and binds them in portals of darkness.
How troubled I am, about the chosen, righteous sons.
Everyone who, in the years of the Demon Destroyer,
places a turban upon his head
is worth more to me than generations and worlds –
More than a thousand!
When he departs from his body
He will be established between Utras of light.
Everyone who, in the years of the Demon Destroyer,
is reached by the white banner and the call and the proclamation,
and goes to the white Jordan –
They will come forth against him from the place of light
with radiant banners.
Everyone that calls Knowledge of Life to himself
I, Knowledge of Life, will be his helper.
My chosen ones, when you see abominations of pagan temples,
if your thoughts are diminished
if you disappear…
because the first epoch belongs entirely to me
the second epoch belongs entirely to me
the third epoch belongs entirely to me
the fourth epoch is one all of which is evil –
Evil comes from it!

This secret teaching comes from my own mouth,
the mouth of Abel-Radiance.
Everyone who hears it and listens to it –
How he is established in his place!
Everyone who does not hear it and does not listen to it –
How he is afflicted in the place of darkness!
Listen and hear, my chosen ones,
and raise your descendants to the place of light.”

Life be praised and victorious,
and victorious the man who goes there!

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Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature, Butler University.
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