04 – Yoshamin (Con’t.)

‎‎In the name of the Great Life,
may the sublime light be exalted!

By my own authority,
by my own prayer and praise,
I have set the reigns of kings,
and I rule over the term.

I summoned the reign,
‎‎and the reign said your words to me.

As long as I cannot create, I shall destroy.
The Houses and the One who did not extend His hand
I have disturbed so that they cannot set things right.

‎‎I raised a great din up to the heights.
The war brought down the works
that he was ordering from their places,
the offering from myself.

Radiant N’ṣab spoke to Yoshamin, saying,

“Did I not tell you to not act out of rage
and start a fight in the Jordan?
You did not write to wage war.

You were small, you were smart.
Now, they call you a fool.
You had a seat ‎‎at the head,
Now they have put you at the gate of Supat.

You destroyed the things you have done since your childhood,
since [the time of] your first born.
You have not provided company to even one of them.
You have destroyed your lands and your buildings.
You removed your beds from their places.

Women were implanted [etinṣib] by you,
and women have been taken away [etinsib] from you.
The original constant light has been taken from you,
which the First [Life] bestowed upon your mind.

You have disturbed your great nest,
and you destroyed the works that were well-ordered.
You squeezed the great nest between the two kings.

As for you, your double will be released,
and the kings will cast your judgment.
It will not ‎‎be released to the orderly earth,
and the great one will not put in order the things
‎‎that have been set out.

You stand without any judgment, Yoshamin,
yet humility does not come ‎‎to your mind,
and you did not reflect.
Neither were you given orders nor were you ‎‎instructed,
and you did not seek wisdom from the First [Life].
You were not concerned about the constant light of the Jordan
and you did not seek the teachings from ‎‎the clouds.

You know full well, Yoshamin, the word that the King heard.
When it leaves his mouth, by mentioning it he brings
the sublime endless world to an end.

Do you not know, Yoshamin, that the destruction of a thousand years
cannot be restored in twenty-four thousand years ‎‎as it was?
Your offspring were taken away through disputes,
and you put the great stocks upon your feet.
You made them heavier, and sadness will never leave you be.
You put the tear in your eye,
‎‎flowing down like the waters of the Jordan.”

Yoshamin spoke to Radiant N’ṣab, ‎‎saying,

“I have sought sorrow with my own actions.
‎‎Now I will take it and not relinquish the truth of the sublime one,
‎‎and keep it safe until the Great [Life] does all that it wants.”

And Life ‎‎is victorious!
The End.

About C.G. Häberl

Dr. Häberl is an Associate Professor at the Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL). He was born and raised in the State of New Jersey, and received his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. In addition to teaching Arabic and Aramaic language courses at AMESALL, he teaches content courses on the modern Middle East at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), of which he was the Director from 2009-2012.
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