08 – Yoshamin (Con’t.)

In the name of the Great Life,
exalted is the sublime light!

Radiant N’ṣab came from the realm of the æther,
going to the Glorious Splendor.
He arrives at the Glorious Splendor,
at the Messenger who guards the gate, saying,
“Leave, Messenger, and tell the Great King
‘Radiant N’ṣab is standing at the gate!’
This message, ‎‎that comes from his mouth,
give to him with all due fidelity,
and may relief be summoned.”

The Messenger went thither,
he rose before the King of Light,
but the King of Light did not see the Messenger.
The Messenger bowed down once before the King of Light,
but the King did not see the Messenger.
The Messenger bowed down twice before the King of Light,
but the King did not see the Messenger.
The Messenger spoke, saying to the King,
“Radiant N’ṣab, the son of Yoshamin, is standing at the gate,
and is seeking some relief, out of your insight.”
The King of Light spoke, saying to the Messenger,
“Gloriously throw open the gate, open it,
and may he ground his feet upon the truth thoroughly!”

The Messenger gloriously threw open the gate.
Radiant N’ṣab stood tall.
Radiant N’ṣab spoke to the King, saying,
‎‎”You are relaxed and pleasant,
and your speech abounds and never flags.
Your radiance watches silently.
Your light and your enlightenment abound and never flag.
You have no peer in your crown
and no partner ‎‎in your rule.
You are a connoisseur of glory,
which reveals to you ‎‎teachings without end.
Your baptism in the Jordan ‎‎is well-established,
and all your accomplishments are your own.
As for us, if I tell you, don’t become angry,
and may the gentleness of the good
come to settle upon your mind.
Your vigilance, [with] which you ponder,
is sublime, and is unending (has no nullity).

“The man who is taken from his fortress
and driven away from his homes:
His sons were killed in a brawl,
and his wives wander about filthily.
His streams will be stirred up,
and his Houses will be driven from their places.
His home, his building, and his throne have been destroyed,
and he has been set at the Gate of Supat.
‎‎The disturbers of his world have been cast into captivity,
and they have put misery on his mind.

“If in you plan you should wish [it],
I shall settle and ‎‎calm down his mind right on the spot.
[I shall] set him straight through your baptism,
and mention your name over him.
Let Yoshamin be, ‎and he will recognize
that he has not been forsaken by your name.
The King of Light, who was angered,
has [now] calmed down,
and there was forgiveness on his mind.”

When the King of Light heard this,
he was delighted by it,
thoroughly delighted with Radiant N’ṣab.

Knowledge-of-Life rose ‎‎from his throne
and spoke to the King of Light, saying,
“The man who has been taken from his land and House:
you were not given the authority to forgive him.”

When the King of Light heard this,
‎‎to Knowledge-of-Life he said.
“You, from your first day,
have not been proper towards Yoshamin.
From your first day, you have hated him,
because you desired a woman from his family,
and he did not give [her] to you.
In your mind, you hold onto an immense grudge;
for generations it has not been released.
You have destroyed and ruined his household,
and yet you still hold onto the grudge!
For ages, who has had done to him,
what has been done to Yoshamin since the beginning?
‎‎The man who was taken away from his land,
and from the stole that the Great [Life] gave to him?
Out of his firstborn sons,
not one ‎‎among them remains,
and his wives go about filthily.”

Then ‎‎the King of Light said to Radiant N’ṣab,
“I shall reveal for you the secrets
that are within the constant light.
You will have the perception that [comes] from ‎‎your ancestors,
and the wisdom that was allotted to you for your mind.
You are precious, precious is your stream,
and precious is the family that [comes] from which you came.
Both you and the place
from which you came have abundant serenity.
Bring your father soothing words,
and set his heart to rest upon its support.
Tell him that the Great Life was filled with kindness ‎‎for you.”

And Life is praised, Life is victorious,
and victorious is the man who went there.
The End.

About C.G. Häberl

Dr. Häberl is an Associate Professor at the Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL). He was born and raised in the State of New Jersey, and received his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. In addition to teaching Arabic and Aramaic language courses at AMESALL, he teaches content courses on the modern Middle East at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), of which he was the Director from 2009-2012.
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