49 – The Plow

In the name of the Great Life, may the sublime light be glorified!

Way beyond, beside M’shunia Kushṭa, there stands a plow, there plows a plow that is no (mere) ox-plow and that has not been revealed by my clan. The plow is a plow of Kushṭa, who sows wages and alms. Hoshaba holds the plow, and Bar Heyyi holds the seeds. The outstanding sow and scatter gems; they scatter and toss out pearls. The good sow and spread out; they have restrained and subdued for ages, for ages they restrained and subdued, and set guardians over them. They set watchers over them who are sublime, blessed, and well-established from beginning to end.

I say to them, “Watchers, who have watched for an age, watch closely over your gates; closely watch over your gates, so that you may take the path of your gate in peace.”

Now Kushṭa comes and goes, when he carries the means of refreshment, that is living water, [he carries] refreshment and teaches the good, their sons, those zealots who are eager, the cruel ones so that they will fall in wells, and once more the worth of infamy so that that the blows will fall. Those women, who are undeserving and unworthy, will fall from their folds; they will fall from their folds and approach the mouth of the stallion. Your souls are redeemed and saved, my good brethren and my faithful sisters. The flawless men and the flawless women will be saved; they will be saved from the mouth of the stallion, whose name is Ur, the Lord of Darkness.

The Life is exalted and is victorious, and victorious is the man who has gone there.

About C.G. Häberl

Dr. Häberl is an Associate Professor at the Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL). He was born and raised in the State of New Jersey, and received his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. In addition to teaching Arabic and Aramaic language courses at AMESALL, he teaches content courses on the modern Middle East at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), of which he was the Director from 2009-2012.
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