50 – Admonitions

… he who deals in gifts and alms will ascend and gaze upon the place of light.

Shame on the rulers who rule over the forsaken and do no good works; they will fall into a blazing fire. With their hands, they will stoke the coals, and with their lips they will kindle the fire. Those who acquire property and leave it to their children, they will go and boil in the fire. They will go and boil in the fire, and their pride will be sequestered away from them. Shame on the foolish fools who are stubborn in their folly! Shame on the student who is taught, without wanting to learn the right wisdom; they will be put in the darkness. Shame on the teachers whom you ask, but who do not want to give anything. Shame on the forked tongue, which delivers two judgments on the same matter! Shame on the evil heart that wickedness governs! Wickedness governs it, so it will come to an end on the great day of the end! Shame on the tyrant, who is filled with Satan’s wrath. Shame on the builder who has built nothing for himself. He has built nothing for himself, on which he could base himself when he goes forth. Shame on the pathmaker who has blazed no path for himself, so that when he goes forth, he is not guided. Shame on him who gives good advice, but has not given himself any advice. Shame on him who had but did not give goods from his own good; later he will in his pocket and find nothing. Since he had it in his hand, and gave nothing, so he will come to an end on the great day of the end! If someone hides his eyes with his own hand, who should serve as a physician for him? If someone destroys his way with his own horns, who should serve as a pathmaker for him?

I tell and explain to you, you chosen and perfect ones, who are dwelling in the world: who will go to the House of the Life, and then return to the abode of the darkness? My chosen ones! See that this our world will perish, and its works will succumb to destruction. Its works will come apart and not draw near again. Precious gold will be lost, and silver will be sought but not found. The shadow of deception and the service of the world will vanish. It will disappear like the fragrances and the things of this world.

Perfect ones! The days and months and hours and minutes go to the end, and it will be as if they never existed. The whole world will stop and come to an end, as if it never existed. The vines of joy will break out, and their song will go there and vanish. The King will leave behind his crown, and the nobles, the rulers of the world, will leave the world in heartbreak. The material world will decay and come to a stop in the depths of the stench of darkness. Have no faith in this deceptive world, my chosen ones!

My chosen ones! Blessed is he who has heard and believed; shame on him who is exhausted and remained lying down. Blessed is he who has heard and became a believer; he will ascend and looks upon the Place of Light. As for the wicked who heard, but did not become believers, who set their faces toward the places of darkness, the Dark Mountain will devour them. Blessed is the one who knows himself and whose heart is his builder. Whoever is mindful of himself has no equal in the world.

My chosen ones! Stay firm and endure the world’s persecution. Endure the world’s persecution with a true, believing heart. Worship me sincerely, so that I may aid you as a support.

My chosen ones! The way that the souls must travel is long and without end. On it, no leagues are marked out, and no milestones are set according to the measurements.

The Life is exalted and is victorious, and victorious is the man who has gone there.

About C.G. Häberl

Dr. Häberl is an Associate Professor at the Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL). He was born and raised in the State of New Jersey, and received his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. In addition to teaching Arabic and Aramaic language courses at AMESALL, he teaches content courses on the modern Middle East at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), of which he was the Director from 2009-2012.
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