52 – Yorba

In the Name of the Great Life!

He shook and disturbed Yorba, the warlike man, “Go, climb aboard your chariot! Climb aboard your chariot, and go about in this world. Go about in the world and be a judge for all the worlds! When you come in and when you go out—in the morning he went up, at nightfall he went down—do not flame nor rage nor sin against my sons. Do not sin against my disciples, who live with you in the world.”

Yorba arose, and went down, until he came to the house of P’tahil.

There were three stars, who took pronouncements from their father. They took pronouncements from their father, worshipping and praising him completely. Every day, praise rises up to P’tahil three times. Shamish receives 900 prayers with pride. Sin, the deprived leper, receives 300 prayers. Liwat, the “holy one,” receives 600 prayers with pride, and they praise the Father with 24 prayers.
As Yorba was sitting in his chariot and traveling around the world, Ewath, the lying spirit, came and gave him worthless advice. These two were the ones who spoke to the great family of the Life in anger; when the youthful guardians saw this, they went up to the House of the Life. They went and told Radiant Hibel about the things that Yorba had done in this world. They told Radiant Hibel to go, come to his brothers; he went, came to his brothers, and stood before the avatars. Radiant Hibel went up to the avatars who were sitting and meditating, struck Yorba with a club, and hurled the Spirit down from her throne. He said to him, “What did I tell you, when you came to the Brokendown House? What sins have my disciples committed, from the wickedness that you have released against them? You’ve released wickedness against them and frightened them in this world.”

I took glory and light away from him, and put him inside a cloud of darkness. I took away the great crown, and struck his head with a rod. [I took away] the four rays of radiance, light and glory, and the guardians fled away from him. The material world went to ruin, the whole world perished. Yorba screamed and cried, [cried and screamed] Yorba, and he wailed in his chariot out the rage that had come over him. His face became dark and gloomy, and he stood there in his original form. Then he said to Radiant Hibel, “If it pleases you, may your forgiveness be granted to me. I swear by the 900 prayers with which I praise my father P’tahil, I swear upon that moment and time when he sought to swallow me and eat me up, when he wanted to destroy me, and you were my savior. I swear upon the robe of radiance, light, and glory, which you brought to me from a hidden place. I swear upon the four wreaths of radiance, light, and glory that were taken from me. I swear upon the Great Countenance of Glory that was from the crack of radiance. I swear upon the two guardians who completely unfurl the banners of radiance upon Mt. Tarwan, speaking to me in kindness and discoursing upon pure teachings.”

Yorba swore strongly, and sealed his oaths. Then he handed him the robe of radiance, light, and glory which he had brought him from the secret place. He gave him back the four wreaths of radiance, light, and glory, to illuminate the worlds. He gave him the great crown of glory from end to end. He set him aright, seated him in his chariot, and gave him back the guardians that had been taken from him, that protect him completely, he gave him back all the guardians again.

Then a loud voice came called out from a hidden place, and made him listen in the gloomy darkness, “Did you not know, Yorba, that my wrath is upon you? Did you not know, Yorba, that I have lifted you up into the gloomy darkness? Did you not know, Yorba, that I have let loose a punch and my wrath against you, and all the guards ran away when I put an evil curse upon you and lifted you up into the cloud of darkness? Into the cloud of darkness I have lifted you, since you have no savior. Your mother the Evil Spirit, Christ, the planets, and the twelve constellations were hidden within clouds of darkness and could do nothing against my powers. Did you not know, Yorba, that I came here in the twinkling of an eye? Did you not know, Yorba, that you only shine in the world because of me? Did you not know, Yorba, that I gave my sons your strength and mindfulness ? Did you not know, Yorba, that I can make your countenance darken and tremble?” (?)

Then he wept in his chariot and said to Radiant Hibel, “If I have sinned against your disciples, then I should be sentenced with punishment and torture, but on your life, Radiant Hibel, and the secret place from which you came, on your life, Radiant Hibel, (I swear) that I have not sinned against your children, I have not sinned against your disciples who live with us in the world.”
Radiant Hibel then ascended to his place, and he condemned Yorba to the Brokendown House, (saying) “stand waiting in the House, until the material world comes to an end.” As Yorbu drove out in his chariot, he spoke to him with pure teachings. He grew afraid and said, “I want to do good for the children of the sublime family,” (but) the lying Spirit came along and told him sorcery and idle tasks […] you took from him. Then he became full of wickedness, he was full of wickedness and forgot terror and fright, until the final day, on which justice will be pronounced upon them. All the magicians will fall into the darkness and die a second death.

And the Life is Victorious!

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