53 – The Moon

When the shining light was planted in its exalted spot, he went to the deprived world, and gave it to the Moon in abundance. The man who gave him the shining light, summoned him, prepared him, and gave him a full set of commands. He said to him, “I gave you the shining garment, so that you might shed light upon the darkness of the Brokendown House with it. Whenever the Sun’s radiance disappears, your shining light will rise forth. When a man lies with his wife under your sign, it will result in a pregnancy and the evidence of you will be within one of the pure race (širša taqna). Illuminate her face, and free her from diseases and infirmities, and from those images that are good for not, and from the wickedness and the suffering of the Brokendown House. Since the race of the House’s seed was entrusted to your possession, illuminate, enlighten, and uphold its descendants for all time.”

Then he spoke to the man who had clad him in the shining light, saying “One day per month, I shall disappear, and my banner will be unfurled, [unfurled] is my shining light, which two guardians are charged to protect. When I am not there, and men lie with their wives, when they receive on that day, tongue-tied and dumb children of abominable appearance will come from them. When they receive on that day, deaf children and lepers without hands and feet will come from them. The planets will disturb the seed and make it entirely evil.”

“Those who come into existence on those days,” said the man who had clad him in shining light, “are not fit to be our progeny. They will neither be counted among our number nor be considered within our race, for all time. It is a race of darkness; it will return to the brood from which it came.”

Then he summoned me, gave me orders, prepared me, and handed over to me prudence and honesty. “Take care of the congregation of souls that we have left in the world.”

He bowed down, walked away from me, and went up to the House of Abathur. He went down to the penitentiaries; down to the penitentiaries he went, to complete the calculation fully.

On the day that he was withdrawn from the material world, and the hours in which he is hidden from the world, because of the mistakes which he hurls against the disciples, he will let loose pain, oppression and torture against him. He shows him panic, fear, and terror until he dies, panic-stricken and blackened, and he will look as if he never existed. When he comes forth from the penitentiary, his color will have been removed. His color will be drawn from him, and he will look as if he never existed. Then he will sit in his chariot and put on shining rays of light. They will spread a shining light over him, and he will walk out into the world. On the first day, he will appear at the summit of the open heavens. He will come out of the upper level of heaven, and be supported upon the lower level of heaven. Until the second day, the light of his gleam will be over all of the worlds. Until the seventh day of the month, the Moon will speak with the voice of the Life. With the voice of the Life, he will speak, because he kept the fear and trembling of the Life in mind. When he passes the seventh day, he will forget the fear and the trembling. He will forget the fear and the trembling, and cast evil into the world.

I say, advising you, men who bear witness to the Life, to be strong and endure the persecution within the Brokendown House! He told him that soon the material world would vanish, and the two mountains will bend over. [Bent over] will be the two mountains, and the power of light will be taken from them. Completely taken away will be all the stability that they had. Now their appearance is despicable, and they will look as if they never existed before. Their souls howl, and scream, and cry on the spot, and say to them, “When we were in this world, your radiance shone over all the worlds. We bore witness to you, and you worshiped and praised you completely, until now that your appearance is despicable, and it has grown dark and gloomy as if it never existed before.” The planets had no explanation to give to their worshippers about how it had happened. The planets and their worshippers and their souls, which were worthy and did not change, and all their creations and even the souls of the children of the great community of life, those belonging to darkness will sink down into the lowest level of Sheol. They will fall upon the great serpent, whose name is Ur, the Lord of Darkness. But on that day, our souls and the souls of our good brothers and those faithful sisters of ours, will be saved and redeemed. The souls of the sincere and faithful people will ascend to see the great place of light.

The Life is exalted and is victorious, and victorious is the man who has gone there.

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Dr. Häberl is an Associate Professor at the Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL). He was born and raised in the State of New Jersey, and received his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University. In addition to teaching Arabic and Aramaic language courses at AMESALL, he teaches content courses on the modern Middle East at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), of which he was the Director from 2009-2012.
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